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Tuesday Aug 16, 2011


Divine Pronouncements

Tuesday Aug 16, 2011

Tuesday Aug 16, 2011

A brief aside about pronunciation.

Saturday Aug 06, 2011

Hello, this is Alexandra Erin author of the award-winning web serial Tales of MU. I'm pleased to announce the beginning of my third-quarter fundraiser. Why am I doing it with an audio track? Because that's the theme this time around.
I already have a backlog of stories that need writing, so for every $250 of donations or new subscriptions I take in during the remainder of August, I will post one recording of myself performing a story aloud. These tracks will not be professional studio-quality recordings, because I lack a professional studio-quality studio. Moreover, I lack practice reading aloud and speaking in public, so you can think of this as a glimpse into what would ordinarily be a very raw process of training in that area. The resulting tracks will be free to listen to and disseminate and will be recorded at a rate of one a week.
I'll be doing my absolute level best each week to perform at my absolute best level, but I'll be uploading the results for you to enjoy whether they're good, bad, or ugly. Hopefully we'll be able to look back at the end and see how far I've come. In any case, I'll be recording and posting the first selection this coming week because a few generous souls have already donated a total of $295 this month.
For more details, please see the blog post entitled "August Fundraiser" on
Thank you!

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